my year of divine order

I love this time of the year, this space in between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

2018 is winding down. I’m looking back over my year.

My year of Divine Order turned out to be a year of some shake-ups and rearranging, and definitely deeper understandings.

Tracy and I went to California, my mom and I joined my brother’s family in Germany and my best friend joined me and my mom in England.

I received support from so many friends, family. members and acquaintances.

My paintings are hanging in Nashville right now because I have a friend who loves me.

My website exists because of a friend who loves me.

I’m basically alive right now because of the love of other people.

I finally released some old, old wounds and resentments that had been holding my energy down.

This was a year of relationships - of understanding their importance, which ones feed me and which ones I feed - of understanding that relationships are at the heart of the order of my life.

Even though I can be an extreme hermit, my loved ones just keep showing up, and that taught me a lot in 2018.

I also learned some things about structuring my day, managing my energy, and taking my hands off the steering wheel.

So much happens during a year, internally and externally, it would be impossible to recap it all, but here are some highlights:

*As of today, that 28 pounds is 30.

I also came up with a list of VIP goods this year, but you know, I left off so many things. Here’s a taste of products I loved this year:

I’m wearing this sweater from Altar’d State and this lipstick.

Music credit: Ben Sound.


Passion Planner


Centering Prayer App

Libby App

Mad Hippie

Bright Line Eating

Bath and Body Works


Divine Art Cafe

Word of the Year Paintings

2018 was definitely not without its challenges, and periods that felt like intense non-movement, but from where I sit now, I can see that trust is truly all that is needed - trust in divine order, divine timing, God’s plan. All that’s really required of me is that I dream, allow, and accept.

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Prayer Paintings of 2018: Gallery

Did you choose a word for 2018?

Where did it take you?

What did you love this year?


Thank you so much, for being here.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Blessed New Year.