the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING spring plants + cauliflower crust pizza + new moon food and friend love + coaching calls + new hope + conversations about vocation + reading about Edgar Cayce + clearing stuff outta here!

There are so few places where we can bring our raw emotions without a self-conscious need to explain or escape to the nearest bathroom, which happens when we get teary-eyed at work or in line at Home Depot. Perhaps church is one of those last safe havens, where we can cry in public for no reason.

Rebecca Solnit: Whose Story
(and Country) Is This?


Um, ya'll. This week I accidentally permanently deleted my email. All of it. Going back through 2005. Talk about unexpected fresh starts. Dang. 

I also ordered a couple of throw pillow slipcovers from my Red Bubble shop.


I am super pleased with the quality and I love the way these look on on my couch.

If you'd like to add a pop of my artwork to your living space, you can order your own right here.


Naming what I love

Is part of my weekly self-care.

It reminds me of what is good and delightful and true and roots me to joy.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.