deciding who it is you want to be

Do you believe you can change?

Do you believe your life can change?

Do you believe your past dictates your future?

I am back from my week in California and I came back to the end of Holy Week and Easter, a bad cold, an influx of new work, and a house that needs some TLC.

We're moving through the spring equinox and a blue moon and I'm navigating highs and lows, trusting God is moving me toward a deeper purpose, and trusting that who it is my soul seeks to be is being revealed to me in every moment...


Can you decide who you want to be?

I think you can. I think I can.

I seek to be someone who meets you with kindness, compassion, and love.

I seek to treat my body well and meet myself with love, too.

I seek to speek freely and create the art of my soul.

I seek to be honest about my path, my faith, my dreams, my desires, my experiences.

I seek to be someone who believes in goodness and mercy and extends goodness and mercy outward to all I encounter.

I seek to be my wild, true self.