in the canyon

I set out to create a painting - a prayer of Thanksgiving- to commemorate our trip to California.

The Spirit of Los Angeles was the phrase in my head, though there's already a work of art by that name. I didn't see it on our trip, but it's a statue near the Grove.

As I layered paint, I started thinking about the elements I could include - the large peacock painting that hung in the entryway of the house where we stayed, the wooden carving on the fireplace mantel, the beautiful tile in the kitchen, the Hollywood sign, my beloved cacti, the coyotes that howled at night and ran across our deck, the wild deer that grazed in our side yard, Frida and Our Lady Guadalupe on Olvera Street.

So much.

So much color and texture.

So much symbology.

Most importantly, I want to capture the feeling of being in Southern California - specifically Los Angeles - specifically Laurel Canyon. 

I wanted to remember forever how it was to be there and feel love and gratitude and Southern California good vibrations pulsing in my cells.

The golden sunlight.

The history and mystery.

I wanted to create a container for the magic of that week.

I ended up here:

In the Canyon    Acrylic on Canvas    20 x 24

In the Canyon

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24

Almost as soon as it was completed I realized, this is the first in what will be a series of paintings inspired by California.

I'm excited to see what unfolds on the canvas.

If I can't be in California, I can be there in my dreams and in the paint.


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