the love list

It's Friday once again...

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING scribbling in my art journal + beginning to feel like my whole self again + movies so bad, they're good + thrifting a Barefoot Dreams cardigan + finishing projects that once seemed hopeless + spotting the first hummingbird of the season

Links I Loved This Week

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I only made it to yoga once this week, which bums me out, but my allergies have been worse than ever in my life. I feel awful. So as much as I would love to be outside walking in the sunshine or moving things around in the garden, I can't.

I have to stay inside and inhale as much peppermint, lavender, and lemon oils as I can.

Here in Kentucky, it's Derby weekend. I don't do horse racing, but I do do pie. And mint julep tea.

So happy spring to you - if it's spring where you are.

Take care of yourself this weekend. 

Big love,