the love list

THIS WEEK I'M LOVING coffee (hey, what's new?) + moving at my own pace + spring birds singing so loudly in the morning + getting back to EFM + delivering paintings to their new homes + working on special commissions + several birthday celebrations for my mom

Links I Loved This Week

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The Hard Work of Disagreeing with Those Who Are Similar to Us

What happened and what will you add?


I was feeling out of sorts on Saturday. I went out in the April snow to get the mail and discovered a package in my mailbox. It was an unexpected gift from a friend. Wow. It made me so happy - like getting a little dose of heart medicine in the mail. 


We went to buy a birthday plant for my mom this week and ended up getting a couple of succulents for our house, too. I think this spring is going to be the season for house plants for me - especially jade and cactus. 

I am really feeling the spring cleaning vibes.

This place is ready for a big transformation.


I can't do trades very often, but one or two a year feels good, and this one was a great and beautiful match:

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

I loved the EFM interlude text, The Dream of God by Verna Dozier. She was an incredible woman.

I stumbled upon Valley Girl last night, watched it of course, and was completely freaked out by how young the parents were. The moral of this story is, time is weird.

Here in Kentucky, the weather is doing its springtime thing - nearly 80 degrees one day, snow the next. But yesterday, there was an abundance of sunshine...and that felt good.

I hope you find lots of moments to love this weekend.


Naming what I love

Is weekly self-care.

It helps me stay rooted in what is good and true.

Join me. What did you love this week?