a manifesto

YOU are creative

Creative expression belongs to you; it is your nature.

When you express yourself creatively, you commune with the Divine.

Creativity is a sacred language and when you speak it, you remember who and what you are.

YOU are intuitive

Your heart is the center of your being, and it holds wisdom; you can sense and feel what is true in a way that defies logic.

Creativity and intuitive sensitivity have been pushed to the edges of our culture because they are  seen as feminine. 

Those things considered feminine - nature, gentleness, compassion, intuitive knowing, joyful creativity, the earth herself - have been marginalized, ignored, devalued, and even mocked in the patriarchal society in which we live.

Toxic masculinity - the machine of war, concepts of battle and hierarchy, us vs. them, success that thrives on the oppression of others, extreme individualism - is killing us.

But we can choose otherwise.

We must choose love over fear

Fundamentalisms, divisions, and all fear-based mentalities keep us at war with one another and ourselves.

Limited thinking keeps us small and separate from our own sacredness.

This moment in which we live begs us to set aside fear and instead recognize our interconnectedness; to expand our consciousness; to live in openness and a willingness to learn from one another; to explore our true spiritual nature; to refuse to be a part of systems of oppression, bigotry, nationalism, and narrow-mindedness; to live in the integrity of radical compassion.

We are light, here to channel light.

We are each called to spread the light, to beam it out like lighthouses, to stretch out into our full identity as creative creatures born of love.

At the same time, in our wholeness, we experience a full range of emotions. We must not chant, light, light, light, as a means to spiritually bypass that which is painful or confusing.

We must not deny our (individual or collective) anger or sorrow, both essential parts of our humanness.

There is no shame in being human.

We are born into these bodies with a mission and a purpose; we are each a part of the unfolding story of humanity.

We are the hands and feet of God in the world. 

God moves through us and works through us.


I believe in Jesus the Messiah, Christ the Liberator.

But you and I do not need to believe the same things or practice the same religion or even interpret sacred texts in the same way in order to find common ground.

The love of God doesn’t hold us in restriction, it sets us free.


art heals

Artistic expression is a vehicle for personal transformation and emotional and spiritual healing.

Speaking and listening to the language of art alleviates stress, liberates the soul, and illuminates the way of truth.

Art calls us into action, but not into battle.

I don't wish to use the language of conflict and strife.

I am not a warrior. 

I am a vessel.

I do not wish to push.

I wish to flow.

Mine is the domain of healing and subtle energies and the compass of the heart.

I live in a world of empathy and forgiveness, loved by a God who is endlessly merciful, guided and protected by the angels and archangels, a cloud of witnesses, spiritual allies who whisper through signs and wonders and dreams.

I have no interest in toughness.

I want to cultivate kindness.

We must stop participating in violence 

That begins with violence we perpetuate against ourselves, and spreads out to those in our immediate environment, then out to our community, then into the world - 

This fragile earth, our island home.

I want to be a midwife of love.

We live in a time of earth changes and cultural shifts.

Through us, God is giving birth to something new.

We can anchor this new world in love. 

Because we are beloved children of God. 

There are many pathways to God; God has many names.

We are at our best when we stand on the bridges between faiths and practices, faiths and doubts, beliefs and disbeliefs; stop trying to win and instead surrender to the love of God.

Mine is a life of wild devotion.

I find a deeper knowing of myself in ritual.

I find challenges and solace in community.

I find strength in tradition.

I find my truth in prayer.

prayer is vital to survival

I believe in the power of prayer, not as a means for getting what we want or making things happen, but because it is our heart's connection to God.

But prayer is not a magic spell and God is not a vending machine.

I don't believe in the prosperity gospel in any of its forms.

This life is not a trick or a game to be figured out.

This earth is not a school.

This life is holy.

In God, THERE IS mystery

I find medicine in mysticism. 

And Mother God's ever-presence.

I believe in miracles and spontaneous healing and everlasting life.

And I find God by going within.

When I make my life, my home, my body, my heart a sanctuary for God, my feet land on the correct path.

I am guided by the lantern of peace.

I SEEK to walk in Love.

Which means assuming best intent but resisting evil, telling the truth, accepting you as you are, and accepting myself as I am, while at the same time growing and evolving into a better, more compassionate version of myself.

I believe if you are reading these words, you are meant to be here.

I welcome you.

I want to paint with you, pray with you, laugh with you, comfort you, and make discoveries with you.

I want to learn from you and make myself vulnerable enough that you can learn from me.

I want you to see how beautiful you are.

I want us both to delight in the beauty of the world.

I want us to live together creatively.

I want us to heal (or make whole) the brokenness we find in this world, beginning with the brokenness we find in ourselves.

I want you to remember that you are good, that most people are good, that the world itself is good.

I want to make art and tell stories and hold space for the cultivation of authentic voice.

I want to change the way we experience our desires and express ourselves creativity and find our joy.

I want to change the way we view ourselves.

I want to change the way we experience and know God; the way we understand life itself.

I want to help you express yourself and feel safe being seen and heard and known.

I want to express myself and feel safe being seen and heard and known.

Let us refuse to be lead by fear and allow ourselves to be guided by love instead.

Let us break our weapons apart and with the alchemy of our hearts, transform them into seeds of peace.

Let us stand in solidarity with the marginalized and forgotten and oppressed and with our hearts wide open, speak truth to power.

Let us put down our defenses and robe ourselves in trust.

Let us sing like the birds in the trees.

Let us be reborn.