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THIS WEEK I'M LOVING The succulent and cactus trend I'm seeing everywhere - lining up exactly with my desire to surround myself with succulents and cacti + getting together with cousins and family I don't often get to see + soothing face oils + dipping back in to fiction writing

Links I Loved This Week

Sourcing Sustainable Essential Oils

Swirling Star Trails

What Two Hours of Stitching Looks Like

Our Worlds Need Mothers

I was in attendance with my brother and a group of Good Shepherd friends downtown last night for BUILD's 15th annual Nehemiah Action. It was inspiring and filled me with hope that when people come together and speak a unified voice for justice, change can happen.


This week, we celebrated my grandmother's 94th birthday.


There was delicious food and a lot of laughter and music, of course. 

I love visiting with this wing of my family.

So, I have had an uncharacteristically busy week that has required me to be up and out of the house early in the day and attending events in the evening.

This is not my usual style and I am feeling it.

I'm running errands today so right now, I'm enjoying me delicious strong coffee.

So, hey, ya'll...

I was set to record and post a Studio Talk on Tuesday, but I think I'm going to do this one live instead.

I'll be going live on Facebook - sometime on Tuesday - so stay tuned for that! 

Happy Friday!

Create peace this weekend.