the love list

It's Friday and I'm noticing what I loved this week.

This whole thing has been a great lesson for me about what it means to truly listen to my body, and not only listen to it, but make adjustments and give it what it needs.

Pain is a vocal teacher, but sometimes a good one.

cosmic wonder

Okay, astrology friends, today is a full moon and total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. 

My sun and moon are in Aquarius, and I've been feeling this energy intensely. And internally.

I’ve already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be.
— Joan Didion

Horoscopes from Chani Nicholas.

Mystic Mamma

My every-morning prayer is simply this, God, please show me the way. Help me let go of what I no longer need. Place my feet on my path. Keep me in the light. Let me do your will. Help me remember why I'm here.

Speaking of stars, I've been enjoying the Sky Guide app.

Give yourself what you need this weekend.

Remember, you are loved and you are love.