the love list

It's Friday and time to notice what I loved this week.

I was lying in bed on Wednesday morning listening to the rain and thought how being alive in the present moment is the true fountain of youth. 

When I allow myself to be completely here, right now, in the lushness of this moment, I am pulled back from the past and the future and all is truly well.

This week began with a beautiful unexpected gift.


The two most delicious-looking recipes I encountered this week: 

Chopped Thai Salad With Peanut Butter Dressing

How to Make a Perfect Hummus Platter

Check out this bridge in Vietnam

How to Design Custom Wallpaper From a Pattern You Love

Tiny Luxury

Emotional Pain Management


I recently developed plantar fasciitis (I know, I know, my body is a wonderland) and have been even further slowed down. I'm trusting this is what I need at this time, And I'm exploring nutrition and supplements and what I need to feel healthy and vibrant, with the understanding that the answer may be quite different from what others need.

I had a truly soul-nourishing conversation and friend-communion on Saturday complete with this cup of goodness:

I was reminded of how much I love the taste of matcha.

In other tea news, I've been ending my day with a peppermint nettle combo that is soothing and sweet.

I'm still avoiding grains, sugar, and dairy (without being weird about it) and getting some hemp seed into my diet.

This week, I noticed the prickly pear on my front porch table was leaning. One day it would be leaning toward the road, a couple of days later, it would be leaning toward the house. I asked it why and you know what it said? It said, "I like to dance."

Since then I've been noticing how all the plants dance. The trees on my street, in particular.

The next time you think something is leaning or blowing in the wind, consider this - it might be dancing. 


What did you love this week?

Love your life.

Notice beauty. 

Notice what fills you with delight.

Be fully present in the moment.

Keep shining, because YOU are a beautiful star.

Have a good weekend.