group prayer painting

On July 22, the Feast of Mary Magdalene, I will complete a group prayer painting on behalf of anyone who wishes to contribute a prayer or intention and receive healing.

Prayer Painting is the name I've given the process I use to create personal paintings for myself and my clients.

This process involves stepping into sacred space, writing a prayer on canvas, then intuitively painting what wishes to emerge.

You can read more about the process, and how the paintings are vessels for healing here.

When I create a group painting, I engage the same process I use for personal paintings, only with a multitude of prayers requested by many people.

You can participate in this group painting, free of charge, by submitting your prayer to me before July 18.

Please use this form to send your prayer.

I will post the completed painting here on July 22.


About this feast day

Often misunderstood and maligned, Mary Magdalene is the patron saint of women.

Beloved by Jesus, she was a witness of the Resurrection and the first to proclaim the risen Christ. 

Her feast, which has been observed in the West since the eighth century, is one on the General Roman Calendar and is celebrated on July 22 by the Greek and Russian Orthodox Churches, the Church of England, the Episcopal Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran church in America.

Her reputed burial place was at Saint-Maximin in modern-day France. The Benedictine church was destroyed by Saracens in the eighth century and later rebuilt by Dominicans in 1295. Her alleged relics are contained in a splendid bronze casket in the crypt. 

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by Cynthia Bourgeault

My posts about Mary Magdalane

Please share this event with anyone you feel might want to participate, and feel free to contact me with any questions.