the love list

It's Friday and time for what I loved this week.

This week started out with a fantastic energy. I dedicated myself to anti-inflammatory nutrition and yoga classes.

Then, I pulled a muscle in my lower back.

I'm really tired of being at odds with my physical body and this week felt like beautiful movement toward union with a sudden and dramatically painful setback.

I'm trying to listen for the story here, find the wisdom in it, and release this pain. 

I'm also, let's be honest, praying for miraculous healing.

Luckily, standing is less painful than sitting, so I can paint. I'm deeply grateful for the two Prayer Paintings I had to complete this week and, more importantly, the two souls these paintings represent. 

May all of our prayers be heard.


Why I Stopped Trying to Fix Myself and How I Healed by Doing Nothing

Small Format Art: Rainbow Playgrounds

Some Spiritual Lessons From the Rescue of the Soccer Boys From the Thai Cave

The Book That Made Me Want to Stay in LA



I've been using this + this on my face at night and I love the combo. They make my skin feel soft and nourished. 

I always hover around the Jane Davenport aisle in Michaels. Last weekend...I grabbed some stuff:

Other Things About This Week

This week, I ventured out to a couple of new podcasts and was disappointed to hear both of these hosts speaking really fast. 

I mean, they were talking like bumble bees.

I was interested in their content, but I couldn't hang with the fast talking, so I went back to my tried and true podcasts only to find that those hosts had also taken up the fast talking.

It was so disorienting. Everyone I listen to had taken on this affectation - this new podcast fast-talking trend.


It was madness!

Had I slipped into an alternate reality? Was I on a different frequency than everyone else?

...Then, I realized I had my playback set to 1 1/2 speed.


Crisis averted.

I am daydreaming about a return trip to SoCal for my months from now...or attending a women's painting retreat/workshop in the LA area. Anybody know of such a workshop that's daydreaming about me?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.