self care for the times we're in

There are times lately when I feel a swirling homesickness in my solar plexus, when I feel the earth tremble slightly, throwing me off-kilter.

I have pain in my body.

I am sad for the state of the world.

I feel fear creeping in around the edges of my consciousness.

These are signals to me that it's time for some basic energy hygiene.

To take care of my energy is to take care of my self.

In these chaotic and troubling times, I believe its necessary for each of us to turn more attention toward self-care. 

Self-care is fundamental to caring for others and the planet.

Self care isn't a prescribed set of rules, it is harmony with the self. Your self. 

I alone know what I need, and you alone know what you need.

These days, we are taking in a great deal of information, some of it new, much of it shocking. 

In this country, our government is changing, we are becoming more and more aware of realities that have previously been hidden, we are processing hatred and evil and what often appears to be a compassion defecit.

On this planet, climate change is at hand. Our environment is changing. There are wildfires burning and volcanos erupting and ice caps melting.

We are listening to one another and to the earth and, hopefully, to God.

We are living in a way most of us have not lived before.

We are and should be concerned when we see other living beings suffering.

We have a responsibility to care for one another, as in truth, we are one. 

So turning a blind eye isn't ethical and yet watching the news all day and entering into Facebook arguments only serves to feed the very energy that is causing the harm.

I ask myself, how can I engage with the world, the political and social reality, while also keeping myself sane and centered?

How can I care about what is happening and contribute to healing without losing myself?

I ask myself, and this is my answer.

Maybe it can be of help to you, too.

How to Take Care of Yourself

Trust that in the end, this will be okay. 

What's called for now is faith - faith that there is a larger picture you can't always see. Faith that we are seen, held, and protected. Faith that God is moving on our behalf. Faith that love will rise. 

Remember that you don't need to control every moment.

You don't have to enter every conversation or argument that invites you. You don't have to educate every ignorance you encounter. You don't have to adjust every dangerous attitude you see. You don't have to be the scales of justice. You don't have to single handedly save the world.

Take care of your own behavior.

Everything thing that happens is important. The smallest actions are important. How you treat your partner, your children, your animals, your home - these relationships are every bit as important as your relationship to the larger world. When you are tender and loving with those closest to you, you are impacting the energy at large, because everything is connected.

Create your peace.

Instead of fighting with other people in an attempt to convince them they're wrong, live as the energy you seek to create. Learn to listen without reacting. Be what you wish to see more of in the world. Live the way you wish everyone would live. Walk out your front door as the best version of yourself. See yourself as a holy temple and radiate that.

Live with your heart open, but protected.

Notice what is going on, take action where you can, but don't let it drag you down. Stay in your own love. You must hold it for yourself before you can give it to others. So, be loving, be compassionate, be forgiving, but put up your shield of light. Zip yourself up energetically. 

Get grounded.

Fully inhabit your body. Claim your space here on this earth. Be in nature as much as possible. Walk barefoot on the ground. Talk to a tree. Breathe and feel your roots traveling down.

Do your inner work with vigilance.

Be honest about your patterns, your wounding, your habits. Examine your beliefs. Dance with your shadow. Make the corrections you need to make. Let go of that which you no longer need to carry. Make amends where necessary. Stay conscious.

Be Who You Are

Let yourself be known and seen. Use your voice. Allow people to know you as you truly are. Don't second-guess your audience or silence yourself in order to avoid rejection or conflict. 

Clear your energy.

Take salt baths. Listen to brain wave music. Make an appointment for acupuncture or massage or energy work. Sage your house, and your body. 


Sleep as much as you need. It's okay to change your plans and stay in. It's okay to turn off your phone. It's okay to go to bed early and sleep late. 

Drink more water than you think you need.

If you feel thirsty, you've waited too long to drink. Keep water flowing through your body. When you're dehydrated, you're hazy. 

Take your vitamins.

Eat vital foods. Drink herbal teas. Make sure you're getting the nutrition you need. (There may be times when the nutrition you need is chocolate cake, and that's okay, too.)

Move energy.

Go for a walk. Go to yoga class. Make art. Cry if you feel like crying. The last thing you need right now is stuck energy. Let it move.

Guard against fear.

Never make a fear-based choice. Never let fear have the last word. 

Draw Your boundaries.

Know who you are and what you need. Show people how to treat you. Don't say yes when you mean no. Don't answer right away if you don't know the answer - it's okay to say, "Let me think about it." Don't allow anyone - person or institution - to dictate your life or your worth to you.

Remain Spiritually Devoted.

God is God and God is Love. If you are religious, tend to your religious practice. Go to church. Pray.  Read holy texts. Read inspirational books and blogs. Follow like-hearted pages on Facebook. Talk to God and place everything at her feet. Remember that even when it feels like you are not, you are always in spiritual connection.

You are Beloved

Above all, remember this - you are a beloved and necessary child of God. 

You are meant to be here - right here, right now.

Your life is sacred and your purpose is holy.

Thank you for showing up as you and shining your light.

We need you here.

You are a part of the great unfolding.