the love list

This week was about cleaning - the house and the yard. 

I acquired some new plant friends and we've been dismantling and shedding old things gardeny things that no longer work.

I've been feeding birds. I love to watch them. We've had several golden finch visitors, as well as butterflies and  chipmunks.

I'm going to be honest. Food consumption this week has been weird. A bit off. Not so healthful. It's possible that I not only ate chocolate cake for breakfast this week, but also enjoyed some really delicious pizza:

Work wise, I dove back into a couple of long-shelved writing projects and felt the life flow in them again.

And there was this: 

The great mystics tend to recognize that Whoever God Is, he or she does not need our protection or perfect understanding. All our words, dogmas, and rituals are like children playing in a sandbox before Infinite Mystery and Wonderment. If anything is true, then it has always been true; and people who sincerely search will touch upon the same truth in every age and culture, while using different language, symbols, and rituals to point us in the same direction. The direction is always toward more love and union—in ever widening circles.
— Richard Rogers

I'm off today for hiking and contemplation at a holy place.

I'm seeking peace, wisdom, and spiritual connection, even though I was recently reminded, disconnection is always a lie.

We are with God and God is with us always.

In every moment.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Please do tell me...

What did you love this week?