I'm in the studio playing with one of my "basement paintings" - old canvases that I gesso over.

This will hopefully be an image I can use as the cover of my dream journal.

Music Credit bensound.com


I have kept a dream journal since I was in middle school and I love dream work as a way of accessing the soul's deepest truth. 

I believe dreams and intuition are closely linked.

God speaks to us through both.

Our higher selves reach us there, and our subconscious.

What did you dream last night?

Listening to Her

The I complete a painting, I sit with it and listen.

Here's what Dreamcatcher had to say:


Dream time is sacred. Your dreams speak the deepest language of your soul. In dreams you remember the fullness of your spirit. You walk unafraid into mystery. You sing with a chorus of stars. Enter your dreams with love and intention. This is where God finds you, floating in the cosmos, pulsing with light. Meet your dreams with wonder. Know that you are held and beloved.

Prayer Paintings

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