charting september

So, it's a new month.

A whole new month full of beginnings and insight and yes, goal-setting.

In the interest of vulnerability and transparency and allowing myself and my business to be seen and shared with you more completely, I've decided to add this new feature to the blog.

Each month, on the first day of the month, I'll be sharing with you my dreams and plans and wishes for the next 30 days.


September 2018

I love fall. 

Fall is the time I feel most alive, and even though it's still super hot and humid here through September, it's the first "ber" month and therefore, the gateway to the cooler weather ahead.

I recently cleared out our kitchen completely, as in empty cabinets and only the equipment we need. 

I love the feeling of walking in to that room now.

I want my whole life to feel that way.

We have a new rector at my church. This transition has been excruciatingly difficult for me, and I'm relieved that we have a new, good person with us. We're moving forward there with new energy and the atmosphere is hopeful.

I start back with EFM this month and I'm excited to get into the Year Two readings and back with the weekly discussion.

I get to meet and work with one of my best online friends in person this month. 

Tomorrow, we're going to have a little family cook-out to celebrate my niece's fifteenth birthday, which happened a few days ago.

So, September is looking bright. 

Here's what I'm hoping to experience:

Studio Goals 

  • Complete and launch the new sacred feminine download course. (I would love your help with this!)
  • Reach out to a potential exhibition space I have my eye on and ask about the application process.
  • Figure out what's going on with another exhibition opportunity that seems to have stalled.
  • Book two Personal Prayer Paintings. (I am completely surrendering this one because while I know the right people for this are out there - I don't know how to find them.)
  • Record and publish the third podcast episode.
  • Figure out if this is a thing people want from me. It's certainly a place where I have natural ability and have studied and taken certification. It's work I love to do, but if it's not what I'm meant to do, that's another story.
  • Expand my reach. (I know this isn't a quantifiable goal, but it's what I've got at the moment. Ever since I switched to Squarespace (which I love), I've had trouble with my blog subscribers actually receiving the feed. I've also been historically nervous about sending too much e-mail. I need an adjustment there because it's time for my business to open up to a new level. To this end, IF you enjoy what I do or find it valuable, would you consider sharing it on social media? think it would help a lot. 

Personal Goals

  • Clean up and arrange the back yard for fall. (Get the table and umbrella set up, arrange the fire pit, hang the wind chimes, get Mary back in her place, figure out what to do with "the hut," plant mums in pots, paint some stuff, make some stuff, weed.)
  • Clear out and organize my closet. (This means finally getting that ThredUp bag in the mail, so I'm adding to it mailing the other stuff that needs to be mailed that I've been ignoring.)
  • Begin Bright Line Eating. (I start on Monday.)
  • Go to yoga class 2-3 times a week. (Morning classes have become difficult for me all of a sudden, so I'm going to have to get up earlier, which means going to bed earlier.)
  • Meditate (at least) 10 minutes a day.

September Energy Reflection


Belle Coeur Wisdom Pacquet: 71 Symbolic Invitations for Discernment & Sacred Insight

Myrtle - The Empath

  • Sensualist
  • Protection
  • Inventive
  • Intuitive Understanding
  • Wisdom Keeper of the Forest Secrets
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
What does nature have to teach you? How do you appreciate and incorporate the four elements within your life? What would it feel like to create a relationship with a tree, a garden, or a plant?
— Belle Coeur Wisdom Pacquet

For the past month or so, I've been maintaining two bird feeders and two bird baths in my backyard. 

It brings in such life and the birds are grateful.

They come around to the front now, and gather around the porch. 

In this way, I'm developing a relationship with them and those who come with them - the butterflies and the chipmunks.

It's a connection to the natural world, of which I am a part, and a reminder that I, too, exist within a natural system, a rhythm, an essential goodness.

If the past seven have been any indication, this month will be rocky. We may be surprised, even assaulted by what we see and hear. 

This great unearthing that's going on? This cosmic shift? It's not easy terrain.

It's time to turn to the voice of wisdom that speaks to each of us, with love, in the temple of our hearts. 

It's time to ground down into this earth, connect ourselves to the elements, and pray for the Mother Earth herself as she rolls and burns and purges.

This upended energy is about new life.

It's time to keep our eyes set on where we're going, what we're building, who we truly are.

This is no time to be swayed by religious malpractice, fear-mongering, bigotry, small-mindedness, or hatred.

We need to make love great again. Because black lives DO matter. Because all lives do matter, and if we love God, then we know truly it is our love that will make all things better.
— Stevie Wonder, #arethahomegoing

Let's put our feet on the ground this month.

Let's listen to the wind and the feel the rain on our skin.

Let's get lost in the woods for an hour or two.

Let's turn away from our screens every now and again and turn toward one another.

Let's look into one another's eyes and beam love.

Step Into September

So, what about you?

What are you dreaming for the month ahead?

Care to share your goals so we can build some energy around them?


Thank You for Being here. I love YOU!