the love list

Well hello.

It’s Friday and that means, it’s time for the love list.

This week started out with a rainy Monday, which I really don’t mind. I like the muted grey now and then.

Plus, it was a break from the heat. (Which came back, sadly.)

This month is moving by so quickly, but my new Passion Planner is helping me stay focused on my day.

If you use a planner and would be interested in giving me a glimpse inside, I’d love to see it!

on to stuff I loved this week…


The 100% Rule That Will Change Your Life

Peace Be With You…Shalom

In the Beginning

Women’s Work

This Artist Reimagines Classic Paintings With God as a Black Woman and They’re Beautiful

“everything shiny”


Camp Hollywood on Amazon Prime.

There were times last year when I thought, EFM is the only thing keeping me alive.

That was probably and exaggeration, but I truly love it.

I’m doing something different this year:

This week, I felt subtle changes taking place in my body, and in my yoga practice. (Good changes.)

If you’re in the area, go check out Lake Effect at Morlan Gallery, facilitated by Trevor Martin:

This week, Im holding Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in my heart as she is steps into the fire and puts herself at risk in the interest of the greater good.

I hope the energy and love you need comes to you this weekend.