the love list

Well hello there.

It's Friday. The weekend is ahead. It's time for the Love List, where I notice what I loved this week.

The best part of the three-day weekend for me was celebrating my niece's birthday.

I also experienced some good shifts in my painting this week.

Spirituality is not a competitive sport. We are never in a contest to see who has the most ethereal experiences or the deepest wisdom. Each one of us has had a lifetime of learning in the way of the Spirit. Every one of us has seen things, understood things, discovered things that are unique and yet profound. It is the collective voice that speaks the Word, the community that embodies the sacred. We each take our turn being the source of what nourishes others. God does not have favorite children and there is no pecking order in heaven. We are all worthy of respect and we each still have a lot to learn.
— Steven Charleston


A Transgender Priest Finds a New Life Helping Others on the Margins

(Something about Mtr. Gillian touched me so deeply. I wept as I read this. This is LOVE.)

It's Okay to Love Your Religion Without Forcing People to Convert

Pageants of the Navajo Nation

Lavender, Weighted Blankets, Cut Konxville's School Detentions in Half


Untie the Strong Women.

So good. So nourishing. I'm not sure there's anyone whose voice I love more.

I hope it's less hot and less humid where you are than it is here.

I hope you're finding space to breathe.

I hope you're living from your heart.

Have a beautiful weekend.