the love list

Yesterday was brutal - for women, for survivors - so tough it’s difficult to think of anything other than Dr. Ford and her bravery and the wrenching pain of what is being revealed to us all and the evil that occupies seats of power in this country.

Today is going to be rough.

It’s going to be rough for a while.

At times like this, I always hesitate to post the Love List and yet, this is self-care. Noticing what we love is healing.

This week my energy has been kinda low, but I am working on a couple of Prayer Paintings and I started working on shrines: which is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.

I’m really excited about branching out into 3-D works.


Paleolithic Women Likely Knew A lot More About Loving Their Bodies Than We Do

I really really want to make this.

Cultivating Mysticism

Sunflower Music

A Master Class in Women’s Rage

Dark Beauty

I also got to hang out with Carol live and in person this week!

She brought me some beautiful and delicious stuff and it was soul medicine to see her.

I’m glad to have seen this last night, and to have awakened to fog this morning.

Please do take care of yourself, beloved - breathe air, turn off the news, get out into nature - put your feet on the ground.