the love list - divine order

On Fridays I list some of the things I loved during week.

It’s Friday.

This is the Love List.

I was talking with friends about how September feels like January in terms of beginnings and new cycles, and how I'd been wanting a planner for a while. (I tried bullet journaling but it just didn't work for me.) There are several I've had my eye on and after that conversation, I went ahead and chose one - the undated Passion Planner.

It makes sense to me that I was hit with this unbearable urge to acquire a planner this week. My "word of the year" is Divine Order and it's always the last a few months of the year when the energy of my word really kicks in.

I had my usual panic about “ruining it” - and I pretty much already did - but I’m just freely using this planner- making marks and glueing things in - so maybe I’ll just cover up the ugly stuff with stickers and more colorful writing.

EFM started back on Monday. This year's books look so good.

(It’s warmed back up since that Insta, but fall is coming.)

I released a little book of creativity prompts + a pep talk this week, so if you’re feeling stuck or just looking for a spark for your creative practice, you can get it right here.


Peace & Love

I hope you have a beautiful, joyful, restful - whatever you need this weekend to be - weekend.

Don’t stop noticing the love.