the love list

It’s Friday and time for me to list what I loved this week.

I’m gonna start with these guys:

We got a bit of snow on Saturday, then celebrated our neighbor’s 50th on Saturday night.

I shipped out the first five Your Sacred Word paintings.

I signed up for the 40 Plus Style Challenge.

As my body changes, and as I rapidly approach a new decade, and as I feel so many incredible transformations within, I find myself mercilessly culling my closet and re-evaluating my taste.

I feel a real pull toward sharing more about the style part of my life.

When I share about it, even right now as I’m typing these words, my inner critic pops up with a lot of negative things to say and fears about reactions to the sharing.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it anyway, and I hope you find it in some way enjoyable.

(You know how in movies about the future, the people tend to be dressed in functional uniform-type clothing? Sometimes I feel we’re moving toward that. I intend to fight it with every ounce of my strength!)

Links I Loved

I am so pleased to see Tiny Buddha delving into creativity this year:

3 Inspiring Creative Works for Mindfulness, Peace, and Joy

8 Ways Creativity Helps Us Connect with Ourselves and Get What We Need

Aren’t these picnic rugs lovely?

There’s always a simpler way.

Do cats answer prayers? Of course, they do.

I devoured the Gateway, and recommend it. (Which reminds me, did I already tell you how much I love American Hysteria? Particularly the Illuminati episode?)

These are good thrifting tips.

When We Take a Moment of Silence for Ourselves

The color turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, feminine, calming, sophisticated, energy, wisdom, serenity, wholeness, creativity, emotional balance, good luck, spiritual grounding, friendship, love, joy, tranquility, patience, intuition, and loyalty.
— Color Meaning, Bourn Creative

Even though I won’t be here for Gallery Hop, I’m so happy to have a painting in the Mother Earth exhibit at Christ Church Cathedral. If you are Gallery Hopping in Lexington tonight, hop on over and see it.

We’ve got the super blood wolf moon and total lunar eclipse coming up, and I’m going away for a weekend with best friends which, honestly, feels like a spiritual retreat. I’m so looking forward to it, despite the semi-apocalyptic weather forecast. (If you ever have a hankering for wild, ever-changing weather, Kentucky just might be the place for you.)

By the way, if you enjoy reading and listening to astrologers, as I do, please be mindful not to give your power away. If someone’s forecast makes you feel afraid or hopeless, please click on and find someone else. Very, very few things in our lives are fated. No one can predict your future. Things happen in life, sometimes there’s a reason for those things, and sometimes there’s not. Astrology can be an interesting way to explore energy - like listening to the weather forecast - but the ultimate authority in your life is God. And you. Working with intuitives and psychics and gurus can be illuminating and helpful, but no one knows you better than you. You are the best oracle for your life. Everything you need to know is in your heart right now, because that’s where God speaks to you.

Have a beautiful weekend.