the love list

It’s Friday and the first day of February!

So, happy weekend and happy new month!

My week started out with Joni Mitchell, black coffee, and paint, and just kept on rolling that way.

We are on the other side of the polar vortex now.

Its been cold this week, right?

I hope you’ve had a lot of warm delicious things to drink.


I posted a studio + life recap yesterday that basically said - I painted a lot this month. That was particularly true this week with weather related schedule changes.

I used my extra snow-days-studio-time to start working on my first full sized portrait of an actual living person. I’m not even hoping it will turn out to be a good likeness (let’s just think of it as an homage), but I so want it to be a spiritual likeness. It’s scary.

It’s also so fun and exciting and reminds me what it felt like to be an art student working alone in the studio at night, knowing my painting was going to be critiqued, wanting it to be a true expression of some inner part of me.

Links I Loved

Even though I’ve never been able to work with it, I love clay, and these Stamped & Handbuilt Clay Mugs are so cool.

In related news, check these out.

The night and the moon shining above.

These crayons look like light.

The Work of Goodness

I am still loving our decision to trade in Hulu for Turner Classic Movies. This week we watched California Suite (primo Alan Alda) and An Act of Violence (excellent film noir).

Oh, and true crime peeps, did you watch the premier episode of I Am the Night? How about India Eisley? I thought she was so compelling.

We watched this in EFM this week and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.

Have a beautiful weekend.