preparing for a year of creation

My studio, which is also my office, is my creativity incubator. It is sacred space. It is where I work and therefore, where I am most myself.

After the turn of the new year, on the day of the new moon, in fact, I shipped the two paintings that were ready to ship and looked at my list of paintings to be painted.

I needed an energy shift.

So, I put on some clearing music and got to work.

I lit my Frida candle.


I cleaned out my paint.

You’d think that when I used the last of a tube, I’d throw the tube away, but what I actually do is keep all the empty tubes in case I needed to clip off the ends and dip in a palette knife and scrape out the dregs.

I threw all of those out and organized what was left by color.


I pulled together all of my pastels and put them on a little dish.


I put a new tablecloth on my desk.

I cleared my work table of everything that I don’t use on a daily basis.


I straightened up my meditation corner.


And arranged my altar, which lapis and rainbow moonstone, both gifted to me.


And the new icon Tracy gave me for Christmas.

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 7.56.04 PM.png

I diffused some Harmony oil, which was also a gift from a friend.


Then, I lit some sage.


Downstairs, I replaced a tiny Christmas tree with some lucky bamboo in our wealth corner.


It always takes me a little while, after the Christmas decorations are put away, to rearrange the house and create an environment that feels like warmth and flow.

And I need an environment of warmth and flow, and environment that feels like a sanctuary, an harmonious environment, in order to really connect with my work and step into the energy of creation.

I don’t feel focused when things are cluttered.

At the end of the day, I need to rest in gentleness and beauty.


That’s the dream, at least.

Many is the time I go to bed with much of the housework undone.

But in the mornings, when I walk into my studio room with my coffee and the light is filtering through the curtains, and my brushes are clean and sorted by size, and my paint is easy to find…


…then I can lean into art-making with my whole self.

I already feel HARMONY moving through me.