the love list - energy

It’s Friday and this is the Love List

Because noticing moments of love and beauty and wisdom and delight makes a difference

This week has felt intense with pockets of deep quiet…lots of unknowns and delicious cool air.

My brother and my youngest niece had birthdays this week, I’ve had a lot of work, and I’ve had few good meals.

On Sunday I went to Union City for a dedication of a historical marker, heard a church choir sing a beautiful Lift Every Voice and Sing, drove past my great grandmother’s house and my great aunt’s house.


I like to go back to my childhood land every now and then, check in with it, and feel it move through me.

Links I Loved

Co-existing with our sadness

San Francisco Cemeteries

10 Iranian inventions

Korea’s female shamans

Seeing religion through adult eyes

I’ve been listening to these stories. I love this podcast because it doesn’t try to be scary. People just share their paranormal experiences and it’s so interesting.

Um. Have you seen this?


On Wednesday I was feeling out of sorts and stuck, trying to process all sorts of funky energy, so I just grabbed a canvas and started smearing paint around with brushes and my fingers. This is the result, and it helped.

Moving paint moves energy.


I have a busy day and busy weekend ahead and I’m grateful - when work shows up, I kiss it on its head (which is to say, I kiss you on your head.)

Thank you and I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

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