the love list

It’s Friday and you know what that means…

It’s time for the Love List!

We had a great get-together with Tracy’s family last weekend.


I also had a beautiful lunch with two friends and discovered a soul sister! (I love it when that happens!)

Early this week, I had the front door open so the boys could take in some sunshine, and a robin flew in. She went right up the stairway and into the studio, where she hung out on the easel for about an hour. (Tracy was able to encourage her back out.)

I don’t know…but I’m gonna take that as some sort of blessing.

Links I Loved

How do you feel about wanting things?

The peace of the water and trees outside begins to seep in.

The Two-Winged Preacher From New Orleans


I’d love to start making hidden crystal candles!

Do you keep a focusing journal?

“I am part tree,” Hurtado said.

We’ve begun confirmation classes with a nice big group and I do so appreciate being a part of that.

I had beautiful yoga experiences this week and, my goodness, there was sunshine.

Also in the mix…bucketloads of rain.

This is my favorite social media account ever. Have you ever seen such love and gentleness and grounded grace just pouring from a person? I love Gideon and the dogs he pets.

I hope you have a beautiful, peaceful weekend.

All my love,