the love list



Does anyone else feel like time sped up again this week?

Fast or slow, it’s Friday, and time for the Love List.

Three paintings made their way to their new homes this week, and that always feels good.

In addition to the rain, I’m noticing that the birds are singing their springtime songs. I always believe the birds know what they’re talking about, so it must be coming on spring (despite the fact that it snowed in LA this week.)

In other coffee news…

Links I Loved

“The shape of the Eucharist is the shape of a life well-lived. It is both holy and earthy.”

“The purpose of art, according to Kleen, was to convey ideas, preferably in a symbolist style, with a hazy and mystical quality, but still possible to grasp or sense.”

What women look like on the inside.

Physical health in Denmark is almost a non-issue.

Gratitude changes you.

Fashion Fairy Dust is one of my favorite fashion blogs. I love this and agree whole-heartedly:

Distressed denim is one of those clothing items that seems to attract quite a bit of debate; particularly in regard to whether or not women of “a certain age” should still wear it…is it appropriate? First of all, let’s dispense with the word “appropriate”. Yes, there are certain scenarios where appropriate dress is required; think formal events, church, funerals, work. But if the word appropriate is being tied to age, then no, the word becomes irrelevant. I wear my denim distressed because I love it, because it’s appropriate for me. There’s a strong chance I’ll still be rocking it in my 80’s. You on the other hand might not love it therefore you shouldn’t wear it, it’s not appropriate for you. Does that make sense?

Yes. That makes perfect sense. I’m not passionate one way or the other about distressed denim, but you know I’m gonna be rocking the leopard print (and whatever else I want to wear) for the rest of my life.

Here’s a little pug love for ‘ya…

And I have products to talk about this week.

Mentioned in this video:

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Palette

Catrice California in a Box

Flower Beauty

Mad Hippie (It’s actually the Vitamin C I use, not Vitamin A.)

Good Molecules



I’m traveling this weekend and looking forward to getting out of town for a bit, even though it will be a rainy adventure.

I hope you have a peaceful, beautiful, joy-filled weekend.