the love list

You’ve heard a lot from me lately - my post about turning 50 plus my February studio recap, but it is Friday. In fact, it’s the first Friday of a new month, so it’s time for the Love List.

Despite the floods and the cold I caught, I did love our weekend trip to the mountains. There’s just something about being there and breathing the mountain air that feels good.

I am finding my way to the other side of my illness, but it’s a tenacious one.

Links I Loved

Silent prayer fills you with God’s love.

These are good questions.

A Fanciful is Twist is always so beautiful.

“That just should be respected. Period.”

These are cute.

Rediscovering the South’s folk artists

Tracy bought me this amazing hand made journal. I can’t wait to start working in it.


The sleeve you see in the photo above is my nighttime sweater. It’s a cardigan I bought from Old Navy around the Thanksgiving Day weekend last year and I recently realized, it’s become a sort of comfort object for me, like a security blanket.

I wear it with pajamas in the evening and early morning, sort of like a house robe, I guess.

I’m unreasonably attached to it and the comfort it brings.

I hope you have something similarly cozy to wear.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your February.

Welcome to March.

Have a beautiful weekend.