love + compassion

I don’t remember when it was, probably when I was in high school, that I first laid my hands on a copy of Be Here Now.

If I’m guessing, I’d say a found it on the shelf of Sqecial Media while I was shopping for incense.

What I do know is that I was enthralled by it and ever since, I’ve read about Ram Dass, watched documentaries about him, listened to his words, and more importantly, his energy.

He is one of those people, one of those teachers, who radiates light.

I feel my energy shift, my heart flower open, just by looking at him, certainly when I hear him speak.

He reminds me that my real and only job in the world is the work of love and compassion.

I’ve wanted to paint him for a long time.

I’ve shied away from it because, I don’t often paint the male face and I never paint likenesses.

Recently, I realized, I wanted to begin. I wanted to at least try.


This isn’t a likeness and I don’t know how to even attempt to portray the energy and radiance and open heart of Ram Dass.

I suppose what this is is an homage.

It’s a mark in time.

A prayer of gratitude.

I do feel a shift in style here, a little dance of my painting voice, and I’m pleased with that.

I hope 2019 will be a year of stretching and moving and evolving in the studio.