the love list

It’s Friday.

It’s my birthday.

And this is the Love List.

This week began with an unexpected gift from my yoga instructor/friend.

I love that!


I have three commissions on my easel this week and they simply will not be rushed, no matter how hard I try to rush them, so I’m rolling with that.

Life feels busy right now, but also good.

Links I Loved

This person will experience inner joy!

This is a good rule of thinking.

Warriors + Mystics

Melt them down.

There has been, at times, dancing.”

I loved this history of Contempo Casuals - (that sign design!) - I remember it when it was a chain store in the mall - and I loved it then, too.

I want to go see this.

We enjoyed the Valentine mojo this week, of course.


I didn't eat any of that beautiful cake, but I did try a delicious new breakfast this week:

Today I’m going to visit a few of my favorite shops and tonight we’re going out to dinner at a new place in our neighborhood.

Right now, I’m drinking coffee that tastes like cake and wearing a pink kimono.

I hope you have a beautiful day and peaceful weekend.

You are loved.