the love list

Well, hello.

Welcome to the weekend and welcome to the Love List.

I’m starting to believe the people who say time has sped up and there truly are not as many hours in the day as there used to be.

It feels so fast.

This week, I was walking along the bleachers at a high school lacrosse game (shout out to my niece who starts on the varsity team) and ABC’s the Look of Love was playing. I thought to myself, this song makes me feel just as good as it made me feel when I used to hear it as I walked along my own high school bleachers.

So, I made an 80s new wave playlist on Spotify and it’s pretty dang good.

If you want to see God in the world, then look to those who live in danger - that’s where God is found. God runs towards danger. God seeks out trouble. God knows where her children are hunkered down in despair and death, and that is where God makes her home.

Suddenly, all the first spring flowers are out. The air feels like spring. The light is changing.

Believe it or not, I am not back to my normal self after my mystery illness. I still have a cough and my energy is lower than normal. My friend Nishaan brought me herbal medicine and teas, though, and that’s helping a lot.

My weekend plans include yoga with live music, another lacrosse game, and searching for green clothes - a challenge every year at St. Patrick’s Day.

What about you?