the love list


It’s Friday!

Welcome to the weekend, or welcome to the Love List.

Today is Tracy’s birthday and one week from tomorrow, we go to L.A.!

This happened last weekend, and it was just as wonderful as last year:

I visited one of my favorite stores with my niece this week (it’s also one of her favorite stores.) We picked out some incense and I found BVM matches.

This was the motivation I needed to begin my spring cleaning bonanza.

Speaking of my niece, Henry Clay Women’s Lacrosse won their match up with Lafayette by one point in a sudden death overtime this week. It was an intense, exciting game. Not having ever been a sports fan, I’m surprised how much I love watching these young women play. They amaze me.

Links I Loved

A Simple Mindful Method to Deal with Tiredness, Loneliness & Stress

I’m loving Strange Planet so much.

I love seeing other people’s work-at-home schedules.



I’m going to leave you today with this important message:

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Happy Spring.

I love you.