march studio + life recap

Ya’ll, I am semi-packed and all the way ready to roll on out of here in the morning with Tracy and the nieces for one week in golden Los Angeles.

Have I mentioned that I love California?

I know what I’m going to wear. I know where we’re going to eat.

In fact, I created an itinerary for this trip and sent it to all involved.

You may think this doesn’t leave room for spontaneity.

I say it creates the perfect canvas on which the beautiful unexpected artwork of our week can paint itself.


We celebrated Woody’s birthday and Tracy’s birthday and my dad’s birthday this month.

Those were all good things.

But this month has also been weird.

The cold I caught in February really held on. As a result, I’ve felt tremendously slowed-down, even halted in the studio.

March was a month in which people have had to wait on me. Some people are still waiting on me. I will deliver on whatever it is their waiting for, but I have been placed on an energy track this month that simply is what it is, and what it is is slow.

I trust that I must have needed a break so that my creativity could rearrange itself.

painted this month

If you’re following along with my Bright Line Eating adventure, I dropped another four pounds this month, bringing my total weight loss so far to forty-three pounds.

I’m feeling better and better in my body.

It’s as if I’m developing clarity, not only in my mind and heart, but also in the physical - which is pretty cool.

So, that's it for March.

I’ll see you in April, my loves!