the love list - good friday

It’s Good Friday.

And this is the Love List.

Last Saturday, I spent the day with two of my closest friends walking in the woods, talking about life, and meeting animals.

It was a beautiful entrance into Holy Week.

Our Palm Sunday service was beautiful. I tried to get a photo of the outdoor procession - with bagpipes and unexpected sunshine - but I was too short.

And I neglected to get any photos of our lunch with dear friends who brought their pug to play with our pugs.

You’ll just have to trust me that it was lovely.

Paint began to flow again for me this week.

And my friend Maureen has released a beautiful e-book about Flower Essences. You can get it here.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend and Easter, if you celebrate.

I hope there are bright tulips and blue skies and singing birds where you are.

All my love.