the love list

Hello and welcome to the weekend.

One week ago today I was in West Hollywood.


This week, I’ve been trying to get back into a routine, spring clean the house, and get done the things that have been left undone for too long - but I haven’t been particularly successful at any of that.

Don’t worry, this is a love list, but I have to say, this has been a weird week.

It’s been one thing after another - big problems I don’t know how to solve, things that stop me in my tracks, bills due, commitments I’m struggling to meet.

Right now, I am reminding myself to fall back into deep trust.

I’m thinking this is one of those times when everything breaks apart so it can be redesigned in a better way.

Links I Loved

Liberation is accepting reality and choosing to whisper hallelujah as you do.

I’m reading this right now and I can’t remember the last time something lit me up like this. It’s such an important book.

In related news, I listened to these episodes of the Liturgists on the plane and they were breathtaking.

I love these paintings.

The crystal forms in these paintings are buoyant, defying gravity, and then sometimes appear temporarily enthralled with their own reflections. There is a transcendental and transcending quality here. Suspended in time and space, these icebergs and crystalline bodies are alive with light, incandescent nomads afloat in slow movement or temporarily caught in harmonic balance.

I’m straightening up the porch, bringing some plants outside, and making space, but I know better than to plant anything in Kentucky until after the first of May.

Spring is definitely springing and that feels good.

Have a beautiful Palm Sunday weekend.