the love list

Things I loved this week

We spent Mother’s Day with my mother, grandmother, cousin, and great aunt. It was an overcast but lovely day. We brought my mom some Moonlight in Paris roses, and I feel really drawn to growing roses myself this year.

I think I’m going to acquire some.

Have you ever grown roses?

I have paintings up at Wildfire!

I’m experiencing technical difficulties, so there was no Studio Talk this week, but I hope to have my glitches fixed by next week.

Links I loved

Women Deacons, Rachel Held Evans, and the Pushback of the Patriarchy

Women as pastoral leaders render a different vision of God

I highly recommend watching this.

When this Love List posts, I will be at the Cathedral Domain leading the Episcopal Women of the Diocese through the process of prayer painting.

I’m excited to spend time with them and to finally experience the Domain.

Retreat is necessary for the health of the soul, and I couldn’t be happier about this one because I feel so strongly led into more and more of this work.

I hope you have a beautiful and nourishing weekend.