the love list

Welcome to Friday.

Welcome to the weekend (the long weekend if you’re in the U.S.)

And welcome, if you’re in this part of the world, to summer.

We’ve had a luscious spring and this week, the heat has shown up.

This week I came back from Women’s Weekend and started to orient myself to summer schedule and summer wardrobe and honestly, I don’t know what happened to this week.

Time has sped up, right?

My pansies are looking scrawny and I’m thinking about buying some flowers to plant on Monday. Before I do, though, I’m going to research hardy things.

What’s your favorite beautiful but hardy flower?

Links I Loved

“if we focus on our physical and spiritual well-being, we can identify fear and stop if from consuming our hearts.”

Reflections on Luminous Wisdom With Cynthia Bourgeault

Your creative efforts matter. They will change the world.

Paige Moon’s paintings remind me of literary short stories.

Jesus and the Divine Feminine

This week, I downloaded the I Heart Radio app so I can listen to radio stations out of Los Angeles.

When the DJ says, “Hey, L.A.!” I can imagine I’m there.

Our trip seems like such a long time ago, even though it wasn’t, and I’m feeling the California longing so strongly this week.

Do you have a place like that in your life? A place where your soul wants to be?

I’ve also been loving the podcast Tell Them, I Am and Russell Brand’s Under the Skin.

I truly believe we are transformed through simple noticing - turning our attention toward the beautiful, the lovely, the small moments for which we are grateful.

What did you love this week?

I hope you have a peaceful weekend.