the love list

Welcome to the weekend.

I believe that noticing little moments of beauty and delight transforms us.

So on Fridays, I talk about some of the things I loved during week.

Over the last eight months, my tastebuds have changed. Fruit is super sweet and delicious to me now and I’m especially fond of strawberries, which I rarely ate before unless they were part of a shortcake.

A friend who grows a massive organic garden gifted us with strawberries over the Memorial Day weekend.

I can’t even tell you how delicious these were.

You have come to this time and this place for a purpose. You are here for a reason. What that plan is I cannot tell you, for only you will fully understand it, one day, when you look back and see the pattern your experiences made, the way they shaped you and taught you, prepared you to do what you are doing now. Your task, your moment of witness, may be great or small, I do not know, but it is important, of that much I am sure. Your presence in this time, being who you are, knowing what you know, is a critical part of a much larger story, a story that cannot be told without you. You are a key in a lock. The only key that will fit.
— Steven Charleston

On Wednesday, I opened my front door and found the most perfect, beautiful package.

It was a lovely, perfect gift from a friend and it made me so happy.


Links I Loved

“Organized religion has often been suspicious of the mystics, because they cut out the middle man and can’t quite be controlled. But what if we tried to organize around the mystical?”

The folklore of wildflowers

Such a good L.A. photo

In this episode of Ten Things To Tell You, Laura Tremaine describes anxiety exactly the way it feels to me.

Mary - Bill Viola

I am so excited to announce that tomorrow, Tracy is taking me to see Paul McCartney.

I’ve never been in the same room with a Beatle before, and I can’t wait.

I hope you have a love-filled weekend.