ten things I listen to in the salt bath

My salt baths are crucial to my well-being.

In the interest of conserving water, I try not to overdo it, but I end up soaking in the tub once a week, sometimes more often if I really need it.

I use a combination of sea salt, epsom salt, and baking soda to clear energy, and it works better than anything else I know.

I am somehow connected to the element of water.

There is something that happens when I light my candles, prepare my salt water, and sink into it.

In the bath is my favorite place to pray and meditate, and when I meditate in the bath, I often see visions in my third eye - like daydreams except I’m not creating them. I watch them like movies and interact with them.

These inner visions often include light beings - kind and loving people robed in light who bring me sweet messages.

Are these visions “real” or a product of my subconscious mind and imagination?

It doesn’t matter.

God speaks to us in an infinite variety of ways and one of those ways in the imagination.

Sometimes, however, my baths are about a different sort of meditation - listening to teachers.

In the bath, I’m in the perfect state to receive philosophical and theological teachings and absorb their meaning and take them into my heart.

Other times, my baths are primarily about my energetic balance and health and I simply float while energy medicine does its thing.

When I prepare the bathing room, (that just sounds better to me than bathroom, don’t you think?) I carefully choose my candles, essential oils, flower essences, salt blend, and audio.

I listen to music or podcasts according to the mood I’m in and what sort of meditation I feel like I need.

Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:


10 things I listen to in the salt bath

  1. Ram Dass Here and Now Podcast These Ram Dass lectures are riveting and go into such deep places. I’m always moved and transformed by listening to Ram Dass. Awareness is the Sky is a particularly good one.

  2. Richard Rohr Another Name for Every Thing Podcast This podcast is the companion to the absolutely life-changing book the Universal Christ. Listen to it from beginning to end then listen again. Richard Rohr and his work is just so, so important.

  3. Om chanting or other forms of chant.

  4. The Crystal Bowls Collection

  5. Jack Kornfield Heart Wisdom Podcast He’s just so kind and so good. I recently enjoyed Mindfulness, Identity, and Incarnation.

  6. Tara Brach Her retreat talks are so healing. Here’s one on conscious prayer. You can also find her on Insight Timer.

  7. Speaking of Insight Timer, Floating is good for…floating.

  8. Solfeggio Frequencies

  9. Hildegard von Bingen

  10. Holy Sisters Healing Meditations with Mother Mary and Kuan Yin by Alana Fairchild

Do you take salt baths?

Do you listen to music or lectures or do you just float in the silence?

I’d love to hear from you.