june studio + life recap

June started off with a Paul McCartney concert, which was so great. SO great. I mean, to be in the same room with a Beatle is an amazing feeling.

It also started off with a lot of rain. So much rain, we had a yard full of mushrooms. I don’t know why, but it thrills me when the mushrooms show up.


I also saw my first two hummingbirds of the season (also always thrilling.)

My parents and my brother and I spent a steamy hot, but fun Father’s day together.

We enjoyed a beautiful Summer Solstice gathering with Tracy’s family.


And we had some evenings cool enough to enjoy tea by the fire pit.


I completed three Personal Prayer Painting commissions this month, and worked on some other ideas.

I set up a Patreon clubhouse for a slightly different way to work with me. (Cards and Reiki, anyone?)

And I recorded quite a bit of video.

I haven’t been working in my art journal much…or at all. It’s interesting how these things ebb and flow.

This month’s paintings

This month’s Studio Talks

In BLE news, I released two more pounds this month, bringing my total weight loss to fifty pounds.

This isn’t about the numbers, but the numbers are telling me to keep going.

I’m so close to a goal that once seemed impossible. Even though I’m inching ever ever so slowly toward it, that goal now seems in reach.


I’m pouring some energy into house and garden beautification at the moment.

The heat is here, and my calendar is looking spacious…so this is a great time to book a Soul Care Session or request a Personal Prayer Painting.

I hope things are good where you are.

Let’s welcome July.