the love list

It’s Friday and the solstice and time for the Love List


I admit to indulging in online shopping a wee bit too often, but when I’m buying from an independent business owner, craftsperson, or artist then I feel no guilt at all because I’m giving back to people who are feeding the energies of love and beauty. As a creator, I want to support other creators.

I saw someone wearing a Buddha cuff, wondered if anyone made a Mother Mary cuff, searched it and found someone! She also makes beautiful earrings and pendants.


Links I Loved

These paintings capture the LA feeling.

These images made with a large format scanner are ethereal and compelling.

MaryBeth Bonfiglio: Writing for Spirit’s Sake

Hope is an action. Art is our birthright. Experience the mystery of this existence. Your body is your humanness. You come from way back people who knew things. We are all here, now, so we are made for this. Not everyone is experiencing the same thing. Use your privileges to make this place a fucking better place for everyone to live, breath, be free. Please. Please. Please. Raise your voices. Your stories are everything. Know when to listen, too.

The world reborn

This is beautiful news.


I’m also loving some things this week despite the fact that I’m not a careful online shopper and sometimes end up with things that are not exactly what I thought they were going to be when I ordered them.

The first is this pet odor eliminator candle, which really does work (the front room of our house is a pug clubhouse), but is a paraffin soy blend. (I prefer not to burn paraffin.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 12.27.30 PM.png

This spray is also great, but it’s kinda pricy for the size. I mean, I don’t know. I guess. How much is stuff supposed to cost?


When Woody could not longer jump on and off the couch, Tracy built him a step, but that meant we couldn’t have a coffee table and that meant no place for me to put my tea whilst relaxing in the evenings.

So, I found this neato burrito little thing - a table top that fits over the arm of the couch. I didn’t realize it was plastic when I bought it, and I thought it would be bigger, but it works and it’s nice to have.


I’ve had that cup with the lid for years. It was purchased on Canal Street in NYC and I’ve recently become re-obsessed with it. So good for steeping. I’d like to find more of them, or get a set of these in every color.

I hope you are enjoying this summer midpoint - even if it is wet and swampy where you are as it has been here.

If you eat sugar and flour, maybe you’ll make some Solstice cookies? Or some sun prayer flags. Or find a place to move through sun salutation.

I’m going to be making a giant salad to share at a family gathering and slicing up lemons for my water.

Have a peaceful, beautiful weekend.