the love list - sir paul

It’s Friday and time for the Love List

Because noticing little moments of beauty and love really does make a difference.

Last weekend, on the first day of the month, Tracy and I went to see Paul McCartney. We foolishly thought we were going to be able to have dinner downtown before the show, but it was full-on Beatlemania down there.

It was fine, though, because the show was amazing.

A perfect way to begin a new month and a new week.

I still feel the afterglow.

And we did go downtown for lunch the next day for a make-up meal.

I love Saul Good because I can get a delicious salad and my side of fruit.


This week has been calm and creative.

I have some new ideas coming in and I was able to mark some long standing stuff off my to-do list, which felt fantastic.

It’s possible that I drank too much coffee, but there’s no need to talk about that.

Links I Loved This Week

This is cool.

Art makes you healthier.

Starry Night…with dogs.

Something I might be doing in the near future, not for kids necessarily, just for my own pleasure, if I can come up with an alternative to the chocolate chips.

The philosophy of compassion

“One of the tragedies in Western religion is the way that we have been so elitist in reserving the spiritual exclusively for the human. That is an awful, barbaric crime. When you subtract the notion of self from a presence, you objectify it and then that presence can be used and abused. It is a sin and blasphemy to say that animals have no spirits and souls.

I started a new commission this week, took advantage of a 40% off sale at Michaels, and one of my geraniums bloomed.

It was a good week.

I hope you had a good week, too.

And I wish you a love-filled weekend.