harmony, so far

The sun is out, the birds are singing, and we are halfway through this year - which is my year of Harmony.

Did you choose a guiding word for 2019?

How’s it going?

How are you doing with your 2019 intentions?

Any surprises?

I thought it would be fun to look back over my goals for 2019 and see if there’s anything that needs to be adjusted or re-imagined, or if there’s anything I want to add or remove.

One thing I can see right away is that I should have made some of these intentions quantifiable instead of using vague language. (I’ve marked those with an *.)

When I chose the word Harmony, I envisioned my life flowing in beauty, all the pieces working together, everything connected. I thought about sacred geometry and energy healing and my home as a sanctuary. I thought about doing my true work in the world.

2019 Goals

Reach my goal weight with BLE and maintain that loss I am eleven pounds from my goal weight. My weight loss as definitely slowed down, you might even say it’s completely stalled, but I’m still feeling great about this plan and the changes that have taken place within me since I began it. I do think these final pounds will release - just more slowly than I would like. I’m hoping to reach my goal and go on maintenance by the end of the summer.

Drink more water* I think I have been, but probably too much of the seltzer variety and not enough of the simply plain water variety.

Sell Personal Prayer Paintings* I’ve sold four commissions so far. I’d love to book six more this year.

Sell additional paintings* I’ve sold nine additional paintings this year so far. I’d love to close out the year with a completely clear studio!

Substantially increase my income and achieve financial freedom* I’ve made some exciting changes to what I’m offering (please check out Soul Care Sessions) and I’m considering ways to get the word out about my work and be more of a self-promoter rather than just waiting for things to come to me.

Write an article for an online magazine, be a guest poster on a blog, etc. I haven’t made any submissions or queries yet. Do you have any suggestions? Places where I might be a good fit?

Complete a nonfiction book manuscript This is so far back on the back burner at the moment.

Begin a novel Not yet.

Have a wonderful safe trip to California with our three nieces We had an amazing trip. We had a trip that was so good, we can’t stop thinking about it. When do we get to go back? I’d like to go to California twice in 2020, but that’s projecting into the future. For now, I’m super grateful for this trip.


Go on a retreat to Loretto I haven’t looked into this yet.

Show work in Lexington and other cities* I have had work in a two Nashville galleries, and I have work up now at Wildfire Yoga. I’d love to find more opportunities like those, artsy shops, non-traditional gallery spaces, etc.

Add vinyasa classes into my yoga practice I haven’t done this yet…but maybe this week. I don’t know why I have fear around this - like I’m not going to be able to make it through the class - it’s just some weird psychological thing.

Go on walks/hikes* I did some hiking at the Cathedral Domain last month and I’ve started neighborhood walking again. I’d like to go to some new places or even back to some old places. Being in nature, walking in the woods, breathing air - this is harmony and healing for me and I need it on the regular.

Start selling prints of my work The printer is working, but I’m still figuring out how to calibrate everything correctly.

Allow myself to be seen and heard as my authentic self I feel integrated in a way that I haven’t felt the past few years. My latest Studio Talks reflect this intention, I think. I suppose this is a lifelong process, but I do feel I’m more me than I’ve been before. It might be because of that turning 50 thing.

Be open to collaborations and harmonious relationships All the astrologers keep telling me June is going to be the month for meeting people and receiving offers. I’m up for that!

Find some opportunities to work/be on the West Coast Are you on the West Coast? Do you know anyone on the West Coast? Do you want to bring me out to lead a workshop or retreat?

Revamp, revitalize, and refine my wardrobe This is an ongoing process and I’m having a lot of fun with it. Maybe too much.

Clear the clutter from our house This one is really pressing on me right now. I must get rid of this stuff! The house is not feeling like a sanctuary right now.

Re-work my free opt-in I did this. You can get it here.

Create $33 downloadable course I’m working on this. I have several ideas and I’m trying to figure out which one is best for right now.

Write and publish 2-3 ebooks/workbooks Again with the multiple ideas.

Lead retreats/weekend workshops I led a retreat at the Cathedral Domain and I have two more retreats on the books for this year.


So, I feel pretty good about what’s been moving and shaking so far this year, and I can see the places where I need to apply some specificity and focus.

In addition to work stuff and clearing this house, I want to pay more attention to my energetic health, get to yoga class more often, build some fire pits, maybe go on a couple of weekend getaways?

That’s how Harmony is flowing over here.

How are things going with you?