the love list

It’s Friday and I’m listing what I loved this week

Because noticing moments of beauty and joy makes a difference

Our friend Callie came for a visit, and a group of us from church had lunch at Zim’s. It was a good time and I walked home during a thunderstorm, which always feels cleansing. I mean, walking around in thunderstorms is a thing most of us try to avoid, for obvious reasons, but when I find myself in the middle of doing just that, it’s exhilarating. Also, it’s nice to have Zim’s downtown.


I can put off required maintenance like nobody’s business, but I finally went to the eye doctor this week and got some new contacts.

I was also told I needed to start wearing reading glasses or bifocals. I chose reading glasses and I suppose I’ll soon be one of those people who wears them on a chain around her neck.

I’ve been burning some wonderful incense I bought in Lily Dale. I’m always amazed by how completely the aroma of good incense can transform a space.

Links I Loved

“…as we become gradually aware of the truth we become more and more aware of the great sadness of reality…”

You Have to Feel it to Heal It: The Only Way Out is Through

I’d like to make these.

I’d also like to make one of those big puffy macrame wall hangings. You now the kind I mean?


There is a secret fiesta going on in the wildwood, and you are invited. This party has been unfolding for millennia. It’s hosts are women mystics from all branches of the soul family: Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and every Indigenous wisdom Way. It’s guests include anyone whose heart has ever yearned for union with the Beloved and the alleviation of suffering for all sentient beings. Which means YOU.
— Mirabai Starr, Wild Mercy

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opens this week, and I’m so excited! It’s a rare thing for me and Tracy to actually go to a movie theater to see a movie, but this time period, location, and subject matter does the trick.

The only thing that could make it better would be seeing it at the ArcLight.

I hope you’ve been enjoying some cooler temps where you are as we have been here the past few days.

Have a lucious weekend, my loves.