the love list - coffee maker

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the Love List

because noticing little moments of beauty and love really does make a difference.

How was your week?

I’ve been painting and cleaning and working…and here we are, all to another weekend.

Even though it’s still hot and humid, I can feel the shift toward autumn happening. I’ve even seen a few small golden leaves spiraling down to the ground.

We got a coffee maker with a brew timer and let me tell you, being able to go downstairs in the morning to find the coffee already made is luxurious and wonderful. Just wonderful.

I feel like I’m living at a B&B.


I’ve been noticing neighborhood flowers this year with such love and appreciation.

I’ve made a note in my planner for next year to plant black eyed Susan and echinacea together, as well as a bunch of colorful zinnias.

And sunflowers.

I’ve never had sunflowers in my yard, but look for them next summer!

Do you plant in the fall? If so, what?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

As always, thank you for being here.



P.S. I’ve been loving working on my Patreon - I’m sharing Reiki and intuition there. If you’re interested in those things - or would like to have your prayers added to group Prayer Paintings, please check it out!