july studio + life recap

This month began with an inspiring and fun visit from Mandy and Hazel. We wore giant star sunglasses and ate food that Tracy cooked for us.


I went to a party to celebrate my Great Uncle and Aunt’s 60th wedding anniversary and got to see cousins I don’t see very often.

Right after that, my mom and I made our trek to New York and the Lily Dale Assembly.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood opened and Tracy and I went to see it at the Kentucky. To say we’d been looking forward to this movie is a huge understatement. Tarantino set the time machine for exactly the time and place I want to set my time machine.


I understand it’s what he’s known for, but I don’t watch violence in movies, so I didn’t watch the violence in this one. That did not detract from my viewing pleasure in the least.

If you have an interest, I recommend seeing this right now, before you hear anything about it!


Most of the work and transformation that happened for me this month was internal, so I don’t have much in the way of the physical to show for it, but the change was pretty profound.

I’m still moving clutter - and energy - in my house and my body.

I’ve been reading a lot, listening to music, and trying to keep my flowers alive, although our backyard is completely taken over by vines.

I sold a painting and have a commission on my easel.

Painted This Month

This Month’s Studio Talks

My weight loss has slowed down. But I’m feeling at home in Bright Line Eating. I’ve noticed when I’m traveling and eating restaurant food, I really look forward to getting back home to my weighed and measured meals. It’s funny. Counting calories or points always felt restrictive to me. Whenever I was doing that, I knew it would be temporary, because it took up so much of my headspace. Weighing and measuring my food, however, doesn’t take up any head space. It’s just automatic.

The scale only shows a loss of two pounds, but my clothes are fitting differently, so I’m not going on maintenance just yet.

I’m two pounds away from my first goal weight and seven pounds away from my ultimate goal weight, and this remains a completely do-able way for me eat, so I’m going to keep on keeping on.

I hope you had a beautiful month.

Happy New Moon!

Here we go into August…