the love list

This week had lots of surprises, sudden changes in direction, and shake-ups.

It also had lots of heat and humidity slowing things down.

But, here we are. We made it.

It’s Friday once again and…

This is the Love List

Because noticing moments of love and beauty and joy really does make a difference

I started off the week with morning yoga in public…at Eppings on Eastside, which is such a beautiful environment. It was pretty cool to do yoga while smelling the delicious aromas of brunch coffee.

Tomorrow is the Wildfire Yoga second anniversary celebration, and I’ll definitely be there.

(My hair in this photo looks like a weird little shelf. It was unintentional.)


I finished recording a course this week! I’m exciting to be polishing it up and getting it ready to launch.

Links I loved

I don’t think I would do the mirror thing, but otherwise, these are some good tips for dealing with negative energy.

Bending toward justice.

Living as people on fire.


I always admire this yard when I walk by:


Tomorrow night, I’m bumping out of my comfort zone and painting live at a fundraiser.

I’m determined not to get paint on my new dress!

Next week I’m going to be creating a group prayer painting for my patrons. You can check out my Patreon clubhouse here if you’re interested in that or group Reiki or little talks about energy.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

What did you love this week?