the love list - brown county

It’s Friday and this is the Love List

because noticing moments of beauty and wisdom and delight reminds us who we are

Last weekend, I made a quick trip to Brown County, Indiana, and did some shopping and sight seeing in a little town called Nashville.

Even though it was 100 degrees, it got me in the fall spirit.


This week as been hot, dry, and busy.

Energies are moving and shifting.

Leaves are falling.

The coffee is brewing.

Links I Loved

Here’s a delightful coffee tour of Palm Springs.

A library of feelings

I support this.

Oh, the chandelier in the forest!

I’ve been enjoying The Next Picture Show.

18 Latin American Female Theologians

I believe contemplation shows us that nothing inside us is as bad as our hatred and denial of the bad. Hating and denying it only complicates our problems. All of life is grist for the mill. Paula D’Arcy puts it, ‘God comes to us disguised as our life.’ Everything belongs; God uses everything. There are no dead-ends. There is no wasted energy.
— Richard Rohr, Everything Belongs: The Gift of Contemplative Prayer

Pour yourself a cup of something warm and delicious, close your eyes, breathe, and know you are beloved.

I hope it’s feeling like fall or some other delicious season where you are.

I wish you peace.

Have a beautiful weekend.

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