20 ways to reset your energy for autumn

If you watch my Studio Talks, you’ve heard me mention my giant ongoing clutter-clearing project and how I realized it had to begin with my basement. I was really dreading going down there and getting started because it seemed so daunting.

On the day before the Autumnal Equinox, I decided to do one section. Once I got started, though, I didn’t want to stop. I ended up clearing and organizing the entire basement. Instead of taking the weeks I thought it would take, It took a few hours.

Big lesson there.

So many things are that way. It’s the thinking that goes on before beginning that’s so heavy and the actual doing not so bad.

It’s officially autumn now and I love this season. It’s now, in this season of dying, when I feel the most alive.

With my basement clearing the way, I’m set on clearing and organizing the rest of my house, my body, my emotional body, my energy… my everything.

These are the last three months of my year of Harmony.

It’s almost time to buy a new Passion Planner and dream into a whole new year.

I want to be ready for that, and ready for the holiday season.

I want to be ready, quite frankly, to step through whatever gateway I’m stepping through now, into this second half of my life, into the realization of my work - my purpose.

I’ve been looking at my birth chart book, the book I think of as my instruction manual. I found this:

I allow myself to purely and simply be a vessel. And when you do this same thing, genius material will come out of you. There is no doubt about this, my dear and you know it deep in your soul. You are here to share this wisdom with the people in this lifetime. Period.
— KV

Well, hot damn.

Yes, indeed.

I’m ready!

I want to share what it is I’m here to share and I may not know exactly what that is, but the only way to know is to clear, clear, clear and open to it.

I want to get shed, once and for all, of anything that’s pinning me down, holding me back, or muddying the waters.

It’s time for an autumn energy re-set.


If you’re thinking along the same lines, here are some suggestions:

  1. Clear your physical space by throwing out clutter, organizing what’s left, rearranging furniture, etc. (Decorate for fall!)

  2. Take a long hot fragrant epsom salt bath.

  3. Diffuse essential oils like sandalwood or pine.

  4. Get a Reiki treatment or a massage.

  5. Open the windows and doors and burn sustainably sourced Palo Santo or sage.

  6. Go to the Goodwill and buy yourself some new dishes, or a new coffee mug. (Drink something spicy!)

  7. Begin a new journaling practice in a brand new clean journal.

  8. Commit to daily silent meditation.

  9. Go through your closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t feel good.

  10. Make an autumn playlist and crank it up.

  11. List your goals for the remainder of the year.

  12. List everything you’re grateful for this year so far.

  13. Let go of any commitments that have become too much of a burden, aren’t feeding you or the world.

  14. Think of ways you can better serve love and start spreading some joy and kindness into your immediate world.

  15. Create an altar space/clean rearrange your altar space.

  16. Get some autumn scented candles in rich colors and set them around your home.

  17. Start using a skin oil with a jade roller - make an evening or morning ritual of it.

  18. Check in with your exercise and eating habits and make changes that bolster your wellness/add seasonal produce into your diet.

  19. Get a new lipstick or nail polish.

  20. Write love letters and letters of forgiveness.


Do you have anything to add to this list?

Let’s get clear in our bodies, souls, minds, and energy.

Let’s open up the vessels and let love flow!

Let’s have the richest most abundant most beautiful season ever.