september studio + life update

I went on a quick trip to Nashville, Indiana, this month and was inspired by new sights.

Travel - even tiny travel - nourishes me and feeds my creativity.

I enjoyed shopping, dining, ordering an almond milk cappuccino for lunch and savoring it solo.


This month in general has felt organizational.

I got my basement cleared out and organized, I’ve been working in my planner a lot.

I feel like I’ve been in preparation mode, but I’ve also been taking action.

I made the decision to start sharing fiction writing on my Patreon, and I’m excited to begin that new adventure. It inspired me to make Red Velvet available again.


But there have also been days, particularly in this last part of the month, when all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t sleep all day, but I wanted to.

I’ve been energetically exhausted but I’m coming out of that now and hoping this fatigue means I’m being re-calibrated in some way and will come back better and stronger than before.


Just like Jaime Sommers. (I hope it also comes with a house in Ojai.)


Painted This Month

This Month’s Art Journal

This Month’s Studio Talks

That’s a wrap on this hot, hot September.

Here we go into the best month of the year.

(Yay, October!)

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