the love list - leaves

It’s Friday (and officially fall) and this is the Love List

Because noticing moments of delight, wonder, wisdom and love makes a difference in the world.

Time just keeps moving along, doesn’t it?

We’re still hot here, and dry crumpled leaves are spiraling down to the brown crunchy grass.

When rain finally comes, it’s going to feel so good.

I had a really good yoga practice this week and began to stretch myself (no pun intended) into poses I don’t normally attempt.


Links I Loved

Have I mentioned that I love LA?

Oh, these sketchbooks.


I mean, I probably won’t, but I kinda want to do this.

This is good relationship advice.

I don’t have 80 bucks to spend on bewitching figures, but when I hit it big, I’m gonna have a whole house full of this type of thing.

We don’t call portraits people.

The Liturgists is so good it’s been leaving me breathless lately.

I watched this again. I’m not sure I care for the fact/fiction thing but the concert footage is amazing. See also: Allen Ginsberg dancing.


I went to hear Gurney read from Allegiance this week at Christ Church.

It’s such a good book.

Jesus is the revelation and embodiment of our Nonviolent God, whose sun shines on the good and the evil alike [Matthew 5:45]. I would come to learn therefore that nonviolence was ontological, at the heart of God, the God who created the universe and said that it was good [Genesis 1]. . . . Nonviolence is not ineffective, passive, weak, utopian, naïve, unpatriotic, marginal, simplistic, or impractical, but it recognizes evil in the world and responds to it with good.
— Ken Butigan

I hope you’re feeling well at this time of transition.

I hope you put on an excellent playlist and dance.

Happy New Moon.

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